About Us

High Alpine Fab is a small welding and fabrication shop located in the High Rockies of Colorado (High Alpine... get it?). We have some cool equipment and have been building UTV cages and accessories for ourselves and our friends for a little while now. The smash-happy guys and gals we know have given our accessories their respective seals of approval (or almost sad “I can’t break it”), so we are pursuing our dream of producing cages and accessories for everyone that wants them!

Our owner - Tim - learned to build cages destroying and rebuilding his own off-road race car years ago, and kept doing one-off cages in his free time for friends and neighbors. Over time he determined that UTV cages and accessories are WAY more fun than residential projects... and now that’s all he wants to do. 

We still take on general CNC and welding/fabrication work on a case by case basis (see Services drop down for more information).